2016 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Ballots may be submitted through Wednesday, June 1, 2016.


Meet the Candidates

Each candidate was asked to provide a brief platform statement to support his or her nomination. Click on each name below to display the statement.

Jeff Joseph ’07 - Candidate for President

Since graduating in 2007, I’ve had the good fortune of mentoring several Emmanuel students on their paths to graduation and beyond. After joining the Alumni Association Board of Directors in 2012, my passion for building an engaged community of present-day and rising alumni has grown exponentially. As a champion of cross-generational mentoring and collaborative practice, I’m deeply committed to bringing this vision to fruition. It would truly be an honor and privilege to serve as the Alumni Association Board of Directors President, utilizing my professional experience with promoting inclusivity, program design and team-building to maximize the impact potential of this membership in effort to further galvanize alumni engagement.

Gretel M. Schneider ’77 - Candidate for Vice President

I am committed to enriching the lives of Emmanuel alumni through my dedication to serve on the Board of the Alumni Association as Vice President. As I am running for a leadership position on the Board, I look to support the vision of the President and work collaboratively with the Directors-at-Large to create awareness and enthusiasm for all alumni though their connections with Emmanuel. I have more than 35 years of print and digital experience in magazine print and digital marketing and sales, managing high visibility brands. My experience in planning many reunions for my class at Emmanuel and in serving as an active Director-at-Large on the Emmanuel Alumni Association Board of Directors (2014-2016) are a few highlights of my desire to enlist alumni to connect with each other and Emmanuel. I believe strongly that the values I learned and developed at Emmanuel have contributed to my personal and professional success. I have contributed every year since my graduation to the Emmanuel Fund and am proud to give back to this institution that is, and should continue to be, an important beacon for all alumni.

Jane Candito Corr ’70 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College prepared me for a successful career in education by strengthening and rewarding my leadership and organizational skills. My college experience provided me a nurturing and challenging environment in which I could grow intellectually and spiritually. I spent thirty-six years as a classroom teacher in Boston Public Schools, working daily with students and parents, participating in and facilitating faculty workshops, and collaborating with peers to provide the best educational experience possible. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors in order to strengthen alumni connections with the College and bring increased focus to how we as alumni can inspire greater involvement and commitment to both service and our alma mater.

Bernadine Desanges ’12 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I can offer the Alumni Association Board of Directors my passion and commitment toward making Emmanuel the best it can be by bridging the gaps of connectedness and communication between alumni generations and racial groups, as well as by offering my level of honesty, cultural, generational, and class awareness, my ability to establish and maintain relationships, and my advocacy for institutional vision. Professionally, I am employed in higher education and connected to a diverse range of alumni, which will only help to expand the ability to contribute to the longevity and financial sustainability of Emmanuel. I was an active student leader invested with pride as an EC Saint, and have attended many alumni reunion events and activities. Giving back to students directly, I have participated on panels for Admission Ambassadors, English/Communication majors, and Omicron Delta Kappa. As an alumna of color, I have supported current students of color through struggles with racial tension, facilitated workshops for the NIA Retreat, served as the Genesis Celebration Alumni Speaker, and attended the Black Student Union Alumni brunch. It is a great honor to be nominated for the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and I am looking forward to contributing more to the livelihood and legacy of Emmanuel College!

Kerri B. Dixon ’00 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I would like to have the opportunity to give back to the school I love so much. I can offer the Alumni Association Board of Directors both my time and attention, as well as my background in business. I want to help build on Emmanuel’s continued success. I was very involved while I was a student at Emmanuel, including being a class officer and a member of the tennis team. I was also elected to Emmanuel’s Nominating Committee (as part of the Alumni Association Board of Directors) in the past. I have been away from the College for some time to focus on my career, but I am ready to come back and work hard for the school.

Carlo Fierimonte ’13 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel provided me with the education, mentorship and guidance to grow as an individual. Since graduating in 2013, I have attended Young Alumni events, volunteered at the 2014 Dance Marathon Event and stayed in touch with faculty, staff and classmates. As a student, it was important for me to get involved and network as much as possible: I worked as an Admissions Ambassador/Gold Key Ambassador and Admissions Work Study Student, and as a Summer Housing Assistant, Resident Assistant and Desk Attendant. I participated in Alternative Spring Break for three years, was on the Dance Marathon Executive Board and created the Transfer Student Association. As alumni, it is our duty to carry on Emmanuel’s mission. By being a member of the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors, I hope to offer my passion and commitment to Emmanuel, expand my knowledge of the College and its strategic plan and inspire our network of alumni to contribute to the growth and success of the College. I am honored to have the opportunity to join a committed and dedicated group of hard working individuals to brainstorm, plan and execute events that are truly all about our heritage as a College.

Mary T. Watson Gavin ’73 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I would like the opportunity to give back to the College that made a crucial contribution to my life experience. Emmanuel was the place where the seeds of life-long friendships were planted and my concern for public engagement nourished. As a retired individual, I now have the time to contribute. As a result of my experiences as a secondary school teacher, I realize the challenges faced by the modern liberals arts college. Serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors would provide an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing legacy and mission of Emmanuel.

Matthew McCarthy ’15 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

If elected to the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors, I would be able to introduce more high school students to the wonderful opportunities Emmanuel College has to offer. As a high school teacher in Boston, I currently have the opportunity to bring many of my students to work in the Wilkens Science Center for an afterschool program run by my former professors. As a young alumnus, I am still in contact with many of my former professors, which allows me to build partnerships. I am also a former Admissions Ambassador; therefore, I am always marketing the College to my students and trying to encourage more students to apply to Emmanuel. I want to join the Alumni Association Board of Directors to keep a strong connection to the College.

Nakeya Miller ’04, ’10G - Candidate for Director-at-Large

What I can offer from a personal and professional perspective is my extensive and diverse business background and widespread skillset. I have worked in the nonprofit, government and private sectors during my career. Working and volunteering in these different sectors has taught me the invaluable skills needed to manage, lead and collaborate effectively with people from all walks of life. I have always wanted to learn about higher education. Joining the Alumni Association Board of Directors is a great way to use my existing skills in new ways and network with the alumni community. Although I have not worked in the higher education industry, the true underlying passion for me is “higher education for all” and the accessibility of education to the disadvantaged. I have attended alumni events and joined the Emmanuel 5K walk to raise funds for students. My goal within the Alumni Association Board of Directors is to continue developing my professional skillset, while collaborating with other members of the Association.

Ali Nigro ’11 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College is the place where I built the foundation for my career, strengthened my sense of faith and developed my strongest friendships. During my time at the College, I worked in the Office of Campus Ministry and served on the Student Government Association board. As an alumna, I have participated in career panels, attended social and networking events and continually established relationships with fellow alumni. To me, the heart of Emmanuel is service to others. The College’s commitment to its community still resonates with me so deeply today that I wanted to give back, and I am confident the Director-at-Large position with the Alumni Association Board of Directors will allow me to do so. As Director-at-Large, I hope to serve as both a voice and resource for all Saints and encourage the College’s constant pursuit of growth.

Laura K. O’Connor (Smith) ’88 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I am running for reelection to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Participating in various events, as a Board member, has allowed me opportunities to network with other alumni and current students. Since graduating from Emmanuel in 1988, I married my college sweetheart, Shawn. We have two wonderful children: Kayla, age 25, and Kyle, age 23. I became a Licensed Social Worker and hold a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA). For work, I do licensing and quality assurance for the MA Department of Developmental Disabilities. If I am reelected to the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors, I will continue to advocate for my fellow alumni and support the college that helped develop the foundation and values that have guided my adult life.

Maureen Ann O’Malley ’99 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have participated in several events at Emmanuel since graduating. My participation increased greatly when a family member began attending Emmanuel in 2010. As I rejoined the Emmanuel community at various events, such as the Sophomore Pinning Ceremony and Junior Ring and Tassel Ceremony, I was reminded of how much I loved my college experience. I want to be part of the Alumni Association Board of Directors to remind other alumni how special our College is and to introduce current students to the Association.

Nancy Sponpinato ’96, ’12G - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College is one of my favorite places in Boston. I remember my family attending events on campus when my oldest sister was completing her bachelor’s degree in the 80s. That positive experience prompted me to complete my own undergraduate education in English and history at Emmanuel. When returning to school for my master’s degree, I knew that Emmanuel was, again, the right choice. The friendships that I created with other students and my professors, along with an amazing curriculum, were the perfect fit to propel my career forward. It is with great pride that I have recommended EC to many students! I would be honored to be part of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and be able to give back to Emmanuel.

Seth J. Urbanoski ’09 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

The memories, experiences and lessons I learned while a student at Emmanuel College I carry with me every day. I am a graduate of the Class of 2009, having majored in business management with a minor in economics. In 2014, I was a member of my five-year Reunion Committee. Today I'm a practicing attorney in the greater Boston area. Although I did not begin my legal studies immediately following Emmanuel, it was here that I decided to pursue my law degree. Emmanuel has always been a cornerstone in my professional foundation, and today I continue to return to campus to seek advice from former professors and mentors. I'm seeking election to the Alumni Association Board of Directors to pay-it-forward and reach out to alumni so they may find the same support from Emmanuel that I have.


Official 2016 Ballot

Voting ends Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

Thank you for your interest! Voting has now closed.